Baby carrying in the winter, top tips!

Keeping baby safe while in a carrier is of the upmost importance. Protecting little airways and making sure baby is secure in the carrier are the top priorities while carrying. It is really important to protect young babies from overheating, so the best strategy is to use layers rather than bulky snow suits which is our wraps are perfect. Made from fleece, or cotton waffle and lined in soft cotton will keep your little warm without overheating or adding too much “bulk”. Remember that the carriers count as at least one layer of clothing. Extra layers should be saved for little legs and heads.

Carrying in the cold:-

Snowsuits and pram suits can interfere with safe positioning, so it is best to dress your child in layers rather than one bulky suit

Be extra careful of your footing in icing weather. Wear appropriate shoes

Be wary of overheating

Think layers when baby carrying!

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