Facts about Fleece

Our star shaped fleece baby wrap is a very versatile product which serves as a replacement for a jacket, shawl, snowsuit and pram blanket. It is carefully shaped so that your snugly wrapped baby can be strapped into their car seat or pushchair, and with no fiddly fasteners it is so simple to unwrap when inside warm shops and then rewrap your baby when out in the cold…. Also did you know…… our fleece is made from 100% Spunpoly Lambskin Anti-pil Fleece and we are looking at introducing new colours all the time!

Fleece is Environmentally Friendly

Manufacturers spin melted plastic into a fibre known as fleece which reduces landfill

Fleece is Hypoallergenic

Which means it is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction

Fleece is Lightweight

A light weight fleece wrap is so much more comfortable for a baby then a thick snow suit which is bulky and lacks flexibility

Fleece is Soft & Warm

Made from 100% Spunpoly Lambskin is brushed and sheard on both sides, breathable and has fantastic insulating properties

Low Maintenance

The wraps are made from anti-pil fleece which means it resist pilling, easy to wash and quick to dry will not wrinkle and fade resistant.

Our wraps also come with super soft interlock cotton. All material is sourced from Lancashire and the Travel Wraps are manufactured in Scotland as we like to support the UK Industry!

How fleece is made

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