How to stay cool whilst pregnant

Pregnant and melting in the heat? Yep that’s me!! I (Sarah, Founder of Stars and Snuggles) am currently 36 weeks pregnant and looking for top tips to stay cool in the last few weeks – or maybe even days of pregnancy.…

I shared in a post quite a few months ago that this special little baby girl on board is a miracle of IVF. My pregnancy, post conception has been OK but I got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 24 weeks and I have been craving cake ever since. Tomorrow when I turn 36+2 days I am going to the hospital for a scan and meeting with the consultant because the baby is on the 95th percentile and so it is likely it will come out early via c-section sometime next week…… exciting!!!

Whilst I can’t wait to meet my new little princess I have heard reports of hospital wards hitting 42 degrees due to lots of windows which don’t open very wide and no air conditioning, so if anyone can share some top tips for staying cool in hospital during the summer I would love to hear them!

Not sure my recent technique of cooling down in a paddling pool like a beached whale will work in a hospital ward somehow!!

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