Leaving Hospital

Leaving Hospital

So, I am a new mum again…. My first little princess is exactly 2 years and 6 months old and Annabelle - our newest member is now 8 weeks old! How two months has flown by – but we have survived and both children are alive, kicking and thriving!!

I have had chance for the first time to reflect upon the past couple of weeks and WOW, what a whirl wind. I have found it easier second time round, mainly because I could manage my own expectations but the first weeks are hard adjusting to life with a new-born again. Lilly my toddler has been amazing throughout, although she did revert back to a nappy for a week or so, but I am happy to say we are now back in knickers and on the potty!

Being pregnant in this summer’s heatwave has not been easy, it has been very hot and quite frankly sweaty. Annabelle was mainly dressed in a nappy for the first 4 weeks of her life but despite the weather we did get her dressed “up” for her trip home from hospital. Our new little baby, weighing 8lb 14oz and only 1 day old left hospital wearing the same baby grow as Lilly wore, but, this time safely wrapped up in a summer cotton Stars and Snuggles baby travel wrap nestled in her car seat. Having safely looked after Annabelle in my womb for the past 9 months I felt like I had to protect her from the big outside world.

travel wrap

Other mums must have felt the same – despite this summer’s high temperatures all the babies “departing” the hospital that day were all suitably wrapped up, however, some had thick coats and cardigans on with the car seat straps over the top which just made me cringe! I was that person when I left hospital with Lilly. I had no idea until Lilly was about 3 months old when another mum told me that car seat straps should be against indoor / thin clothing – not chunky knits or thick snowsuits. Why? Well because, in the case of a collision the material compresses down and the baby is not actually as tightly strapped into their car seat as you may have thought which can cause your baby to come free of the car seat with devasting consequences. Please make sure you read you car seat safety instructions carefully, and always ensure any car seat accessories are suitable and car seat crash tested.

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