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It’s been a very busy few weeks for us here at Stars and Snuggles HQ! We received the most amazing news that Sarah, our founder, had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. We then received some photos of little baby Annabelle. Not only is she the cutest thing we have ever seen, she was also sporting a Stars and Snuggles Travel Wrap! This makes her our youngest model at one day old!

Travel Wrap


Travel Wrap


A few days later, we received a notification letting us know that Elle, from Baba & Me had reviewed our Apron Towel. We were extremely excited as this was our first review by a Mummy Blogger. We were so made up after reading the review especially when Elle said

“I would not change a thing about this product. When I do reviews, I normally find something I would change or a little thing I don’t like about it, but this is the first product I’ve reviewed that I love everything about it!”

It makes all our hard work worthwhile when we get amazing feedback like that! 

Apron Towel


The next review came in shortly after too. We’d sent Jess from Beauties and the bibs one of our Cotton Travel Wraps to review and even though this boiling hot weather had conspired against us, Jess managed to test it out on Alby on one of the recent cooler days. It was amazing to hear Jess’ problems about how she is always conscious about how she dresses Alby when they go in the car. Our favourite part of Jess' review was

‘If like me you’re a parent concerned about keeping their child warm enough in the car but also making sure they are safe. Then this is the product for you.”

We’d like to thank both Elle and Jess for their lovely reviews and it’s great to know that our products are making life easier for mums across the country with their adorable babies!

Travel Wrap


You can read Elle and Jess' reviews here -

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