Project Baby Awards

We were thrilled to win Bronze in the Project Baby Awards in summer 2018. These awards were tested and judged by three hundred real Mums and Dads. Whilst we were thrilled, we wanted Gold and so we took all the feedback received – good, bad and the ugly and have spent several months perfecting our travel wrap. This is why we have been a little bit quiet on social media this winter, but we are back and very excited with our new wrap!

What changes have we made?

  • We have removed the foot cuff – feedback was that it wasn’t required so we ditched it!
  • We have made the hood MUCH bigger – this is to allow a hat to go underneath easily and it make it easier when getting in and out of a car seat
  • We also reduced the width of the wrap but made the crotch to leg length longer so that it would work better in a sling
  • We removed the lining to the front of the wrap to prevent concerns of overheating because fleece has such good thermal properties it wasn’t needed
  • We retained the lining to the back of the wrap so that it provided extra resilience to wear and tear where the car seat harness straps feed through the holes plus the wrap acts as a double thickness liner to protect your car seat for the spills and thrills!
  • We also retained the lining on the hood for warmth
We can’t wait to show off our new wrap at The Baby Show, Manchester for FREE tickets get in touch on social media – we have 10 to give away!

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