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Stars and Snuggles are so thrilled to let you know we've launched an exciting referral program so that we can reward you lovely lot for your loyalty and support. Being such a small business, word of mouth is vital to us and can make all the difference when it comes to spreading the Stars and Snuggles LOVE!

Every recommendation, every share on Facebook, every like on Instagram honestly has such a huge impact on us as a company and helps us to reach more new parents every day. We've been wanting to say thank you for a while, and now finally we can! Read on to find out how you can become an advocate and how your friends can benefit too.

Give your friends 10% off, get £5 in cash!

Refer a Friend

It's easy to refer a friend, and we'll send an invitation automatically when you make a purchase online. Alternatively, follow the instructions below to get started:

  • Click on this link and enter your email address
  • Share your unique link via social, inviting friends to save 10% on their order with Stars and Snuggles

That's it! When your friend makes a purchase via your unique link, we'll send you £5 to say thank you.

Pay it forward

When your friends make a purchase via your link, they too will be invited to join our referral program. They'll get their own unique link to share with friends, and in turn they will receive £5 when a friend places order with us too.

Thank you

We are a tiny business, but we are passionate about making sure we're able to show gratitude when its needed. Every sale really does make us smile. We really do check every single order that we receive. And we really do care about what we do.

Want to join us in our mission to make every car journey with a young baby an easy one, and every bath time a happy one for more parents across the UK? Become a Stars and Snuggles advocate now and let's get started!


It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!


  1. An advocate shares the referral offer with friend(s) by email or any other sharing channel (SMS, Facebook, etc).


  1. The friend clicks on the share link within the advocate’s share and gets a discount code to use on their purchase.


  1. The friend visits your website and makes a purchase using their referral discount code – you earn £5

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