So, I want to let you in on a little secret…. Stars and Snuggles is expecting again. No not a new product, although it would be nice to see the launch of our new baby Travel Wrap which is coming soon (I promise)!! But we learnt today, at our 20-week scan, that we are expecting another little princess.


My husband and I really didn’t mind if we were team pink or blue. We are just thrilled to be pregnant again. Our first little lady who turned 2 on Monday was conceived through IVF and we were lucky enough that our frozen embryo transfer which took place in November has so far (fingers firmly crossed) a success. Of course, I am very excited that this baby will be the STAR of the Stars & Snuggles show, but, I just wanted to shout out to help raise awareness of fertility – it affects 1 in 6 couples according to and I firmly believe in sharing my experience to raise awareness, break taboos and shatter myths #talkfertility

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