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The Stars and Snuggles Travel Wrap is classified as clothing and so does not need to be crash tested. However, for our own peace of mind we felt we had to “road test” the product before we could offer it to other parents, friends buying as a gift or grandparents excitedly buying for their new family member.

It is highly likely that you or your loved one has spent a lot of time and money on a good quality car seat or travel system so you need to ensure that any car accessory you choose is also safe to use. Some similar baby travel wraps claim to be suitable for a car seat but unless it has been crash tested this might not be the case.

To put the Stars and Snuggles Travel Wrap to the test we completed rigorous testing at 'The Future of Transport, UK' testing centre in Reading earlier this month and this product successfully passed car seat safety regulation UN Regulation 129.00 (often referred to as the i-size regulation).

  Watch the product review by The Car Seat Expert here

The Stars and Snuggles Travel Wrap has holes on the reverse of the wrap. Place the baby in the Travel Wrap ensuring the straps are level with, or just above, their shoulder to feed your car seat straps through. By feeding your car seat straps through these holes and securing the buckle in place - using the hole positioned at the crotch means that all the original car seat safety guidelines are adhered too. Test the harness. You should be able to fit no more than two fingers between the collar bone and harness, if you can, tighten the straps.

In a 5-point car seat, the straps around the waist will have to go over the wrap, because there are no holes around the waist. Please ensure, that the fleece is not too bunched up. The fleece is thin, so when laid flat it is no thicker than a cloth nappy would be.

Whilst the Stars and Snuggles Travel Wrap can be used in a car seat without any safety concerns it is also a useful bit of ‘kit’ for getting out and about with your new baby. It is more than just a blanket and very versatile to use from home, to car, to supermarket trolley and / or pram!

Read a recent blog from Mini First Aid, about car seat safety here which features the Stars and Snuggles Travel Wrap!

We donate 50p from each Travel Wrap sold, to the Road Safety Charity Brake