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Q. How do I put a Star Baby Wrap on my baby?

A. It's so simple to use, just pop your dressed baby into the wrap, arms and legs into the points of the star, hood on head and you're ready to go. Baby can then be put in the car seat, transferred to buggy, pram or sling with minimum disturbance. Unlike other wraps you don't have to restrict their arms or place the blanket into the car seat before the baby. Baby just wears it like a suit. There are no choking hazards, because there are no zips buttons or fasteners. It’s easy to open because of the deep ‘V’, so if baby gets too warm or needs his (or her) nappy checked it quick and easy. Hands and feet are covered without the worry of losing booties or mittens.

Q. How do I put a Star Baby Wrap on my baby?

A. The fleece star baby wraps can be usually used for at least 3 seasons in the UK, depending on outside temperature. We do find, as it's a single fleece over layer, it's more adaptable than a snowsuit or jacket and can be taken on and off quickly without the struggle of little arms in tight jacket sleeves and the tears! Although, mostly used in Autumn, Winter and Spring, it can be useful as quick cover-up on cooler summer evenings too.

Q. How do I wash my Star Baby Wrap?

A. The fleece Star Baby Wrap can be machine washed at 30 degrees. Washing instructions are inside the wrap in the seam.

Q. Can I use it in a Car Seat?

A. As with all baby overcoats, blankets and wraps caution should be exercised when used in a car seat to prevent your baby overheating. Even on chilly days cars can heat up very quickly and combined with the insulative properties of car seats babies can get too warm, too quickly. If used in a car seat, please release the velcro at either side of the hood to feed the straps through to ensure these go against indoor clothing. Please make sure there are no more than 2 layers of fabric under the straps, so that it lies flat and is not ‘bunched’ under the straps to ensure that your baby is securely fastened into the seat and so to prevent excessive movement.

The Baby Star Travel Wrap was car crash tested in 2018 using a Maxi Cosi Pebble Travel System, Rear Racing car seat and it met UN Regulation 129.00.

As the Baby Star Wrap is considered clothing, there is no requirement to car crash the wrap, but this is something we chose to do.

You can use it with a 5-point car seat, however, the straps around the waist will have to go over the wrap. Please ensure, that the fleece is not too bunched up. The fleece is thin so when laid flat it is no thicker than a cloth nappy would be. You can still ensure the fit between your child’s chest and strap. When correctly fastened the straps should be tight enough, that only 1 or 2 fingers can fit between the child's chest and the strap. Please also take into consideration the number of layers you have underneath the wrap. Therefore, we recommend buying the correct size Baby Star Wrap.

If you are in any doubt, please do not use the wrap in a car seat. The Baby Star Wrap is a very practical snuggly wrap which is easy to get on and off your baby, so we are sure you will find plenty of occasions to use it when going out.

Q. Can it be used for Nightwear? 

A. This product is intended as an outdoor wrap it is not a sleep product and should not be used as a night time sleep suit.