Product Tab Infinity Cover

  1. Use Number One: A breast feeding cover.

A simple, light-weight and breathable cover that can be worn over you clothes to discreetly breast feed your child. Equally it can be used to express, or some snuggle time in public, but within the 360-degree privacy of the Infinity Scarf.

  1. Use Number Two: A car seat cover

Our covers can be placed over the car seat, to provide baby with a little comfort and protection during bad weather or nap times on the go. The big head hole allows air to circulate so it’s safe to use.

  1. Use Number Three: A high chair cover

When you’re out and about, high chairs are just not that clean. One baby after another eating, dribbling, chewing and lets face it, they are not always cleaner after each use. Now we could use a million and one wet wipes trying to clean it (but that’s not great for the environment). So, you can just use the Stars and Snuggle Infinity Cover to place over the top, and just put it in the wash when you get home.


  1. Use Number Four: A Shopping trolley cover

Shopping trolley handle just not that clean… it isn’t something you think about until your little one leans forward to lick the handle. Place the Infinity Cover, over the seat, and then pop your little one in the seat through the whole. This way you will protect your little one from germs and all their toys and food will get caught in the cover rather than drop onto the floor.


  1. Use Number Five: A light-weight blanket

During the summer months, our Baby Star Wrap is too warm, which is why, you can use this as a light weight blanket. Plus, on exceptionally cold days you can use this as an extra layer, when using the Baby Star Wrap to keep them all warm and toastie!