The Baby Star Wrap is suitable for use in both forward and rear facing positions and was car crash tested on a Maxi Cosi Pebble.

Your baby’s safety remains your responsibility – always strap them in carefully, and securely following your car seat manufacturers recommendations.

We always recommend you buying the right size Baby Star Wrap for your baby, to avoid any material bunching up and interfering with the car seat harness.

If you are not using an ISOFIX base, then please ensure the Baby Star Wrap is tucked out of the way so that the car seat can work correctly in, the event of a collision.

The wrap can be used in two ways: -

  1. You can wrap your baby up, and feed the straps through the hood / shoulder holes and push the buckle through the hole in the crotch
  2. Or you can lay the wrap out, feed the straps through and lay baby in to buckle up

In recent review from The Car Seat Expert, you can see how to strap your baby safely into the car seat using either a 3 or 5-point harness.

Using a 3 -point car seat:-

Using 5 -point car seat:-

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