Apron Baby Bath Towel - Stars & Snuggles
Apron Baby Bath Towel - Stars & Snuggles
Apron Baby Bath Towel - Stars & Snuggles
Apron Baby Bath Towel - Stars & Snuggles
Apron Baby Bath Towel - Stars & Snuggles
Apron Baby Bath Towel - Stars & Snuggles
Apron Baby Bath Towel - Stars & Snuggles

Apron Baby Bath Towel

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The XL Apron Baby Bath Towel is designed for hands free, stress free bath times. The apron style neckpiece means your hands are free to lift your baby, safely out of the bath, without having to juggle a standard bath towel under your chin or between your teeth. It also saves mum, dad or grandparents getting soaking wet! It is larger than anything similar on the marketplace, measuring a meter squared, so it will last long beyond the newborn stage, making it great value for money. Unlike many toweling fabrics, our Bamboo / Cotton Terry Toweling mix is soft to the touch and has a beautiful velvety texture and sheen to it.

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Reasons you'll love the Stars & Snuggle Apron Baby Bath Towel

Stars & Snuggles Safety. Lifting a new born out of a bath when wet, wriggly and potentially very slippery if you have used baby oil is a super stressful time. The Apron towel reliefs some of this worry and also keeps you dry! 
Stars & Snuggles Quick & Easy Drying. Made using two layers of material makes the towel super thick, absorbent, silky soft and fast drying.
Stars & Snuggles Versatile. This towel will match all bathroom decors because it comes in pure white with just the Stars and Snuggles branding embroidered on the hood in grey. Super stylish and practical.
Stars & Snuggles Antibacterial properties. The natural fiber of bamboo – produced from the environmentally sustainable bamboo plant – is lightweight, strong and has antibacterial properties.
Stars & Snuggles Wash Care. Bamboo terry toweling fabric is machine washable at 40 degrees with a mild non-bio detergent and you can tumble dry on a low setting.

1. Simply fasten our Baby Bath Towel around your neck like an apron, with hood facing forward and bathe your baby using both hands.

2. Using two free hands, carefully lift your baby out of the bath and place directly onto your chest. Always remember to support the weight of your baby.

3. Lift towel and gently place the hood over your baby's head. Wrap each side of the towel around your baby and give a well-deserved cuddle.

4. Lay your baby down on a safe surface before unfastening from around your neck.

5. Keeping baby completely covered, use the extra-large towel to dry, snuggle and cuddle your baby. Tried and tested by midwives, this towel makes up an essential part of your bath time routine.

6. As you baby gets bigger, you can lift your toddler out of the bath and pop him or her on your knee and dry using the integrated mittens. Suitable from birth to 4 years old.

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